Friday, December 7, 2007

Finals week

I'm listening to this really bazaar rare beck album right now. There's a pretty great song on it called Satan gave me a taco. Its a lot of random noises, and recordings of his friends who must be on some crazy barbituates. Speaking of barbituates... its aderoll season again here at OSU. Finals are upon us. You know, energy drink companies have no qualms with advocating their abuse for the sake of grades. I've only seen one energy drink vending machine in my life, and that one is located on the first floor of OSU's edmon low library.

Most all of my finals are on Thursday and Friday. I have one on Tuesday: geography of the middle east and southwest asia. That class is harder for me than I thought. I've been in such a science & math mind set for awhile that sociology is almost meaningless.

I can't wait for break! I think we're going to take off for a few days to go to Colorado. I need to put in some good hours here though. Root washing and lab stuff. I had my job interview today. It was odd. The two professors I would be working for recieved some money to compile all the research in the universe regarding riparian cottonwoods that turkeys roost in. See, these habitats, due to the fact their located on streams or rivers, are pretty easy to break up. This is happening as eastern red cedar (my tree-nemesis) invade these habitats. That means these turkey populations get isolated and inbreed with eachother.

I'm a little intimidated by the job. If I get it, I'd have to work about 100 hours by mid January. I mean, that is a lot of time. But I can work whenever I want. And I really really am broke, so that'll be nice.

I just got the latest issue of Backpacker magazine. Its a fantastic magazine. They don't focus on any one region, so they always have hikes in my area. They have a calendar of places to go in this one... based on when things are flowering, when the whales are migrating, butterflies, when the snow is best, stuff like that. I really eed to do some great winter camping. There is nothing better than hot food when its 20 degrees out.

I really want to try snow shoeing. Its pretty common for northerners, but definately not for Okies. Its supposed to be exhausting, especially if you're new to the game. Some friends of mine are planning to snowshoe across lake superior to Isle Royale. A 15 mile hike, they're going to have to camp directly on the ice. And they're still going to have to pack really light due to the length of the trip. I would love to go. The island is abandoned in the winter (and why wouldn't it be?) except for the large moose and wolf populations. Don't worry, wolves don't attack people. Seriously, there's never been a documented attack on man by a wolf... but we're bringing guns anyway.


Ken said...

I believe it s illegal to be on Isle Royal in the off season and it is definitely illegal to have firearms in National Parks.
Just something to think about.

Haley Shae said...

you're correct on both fronts