Monday, December 3, 2007

Dead Week

So its the first day of dead week here at Oklahoma State. For those of you who never have experienced such a thing, allow me to explain. This is the week before finals, and techically, no tests or assignments worth more than 5% of your grade can be assigned. This is done in hopes enough to give students plenty of free time in which to study. But due to tweaks in ethical guidelines, professors tend to make this week just as hellish as any other.
I have two research paper rough drafts due thisweek, one which requires no editing, one which requires a lot. But that being sai, my grades are already pretty set in stone, so I'm not all that concerned. I finished up some data analysis on research I did at my last job.. This project is almost wrapped up, and I'm hoping to present my findings at a conference in Hartford in February. The study looked at invasive insects called hemlock woolly adelgid and their leaf level effects on hemlock trees. I'll post more about the study later. I spent a lot of time on it, & don't want to just brush over it in a short journal entry.
I've never been first author before, even if it is just a poster. I really have no idea what to do while I'm there. Just stand next to it and wait for people to ask me questions, I suppose.
I have a lab practicum in general ecology in two days. This class, which I took just because I thought it was interesting, has turned into a living hell. With three different teachers to answer to, and all of them with something to prove, not a single one of my rades have been as I liked them to be. Every returned test has been a streak of red ink and a small number at the top. No single digits yet...but there are still a few tests left. Especially with the lab practicum graded by grad students. They are the hired bitch of everyone in the department...everyone but the students they T.A. And they weild that broken ego like a weapon in their lab sections. Can you blame them?
I certainly do.

I'm applying for jobs on . Too bad their online application is so buggy.

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