Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The first month in Oregon

Well, its been awhile since I updated. Long days in the field...they're killer. I work an 8 day on 6 day off schedule, so it makes the breaks really mean more. Oregon is gorgeous. I live in a valley a few miles from the Rogue River near Ashland. The valley is really pretty, mount ashland is in the distance, and they're still clinging to agraian practices around here. There are great bike rides through gravel roads through pear orchards and grape orchards while smoke from the claifornia fires makes big red sunsets.

So its lovely, is what I'm saying. The people I work with are great, and the job is really nice, and I see amazing stuff. Like what, you ask?

That's a spotted owl!

There's only one downside. The couse I'm staying in is creeeeeepy. Here's the front door:


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Having a summer before the real world starts was great. I suppose its not 'the real world' if your parents still help you out...but its a world without exams. So that's nice. Zion is the most amazing national park I've ever been to. My boyfriend is working there this summer: check out the house he lives in!

I got to stay in this amazingly beautiful park in a sweet house for freeeee. And the hiking was great: The Subway, The Narrows, Angel's Landing, Kolob Terrace, and Kolob Reservoir.

So that was UTah! And now I'm living in Oregon. Its a beautiful small town in the Rogue Valley. My co-workers are awesome. A couple from France, and Two guys from these parts. We get to see some amazing areas- huge douglas-firs and Ponderosas, even some sugar pines! I'm working an 8-day on 6-day off schedule with 10 hour days. Lets just say it makes you appreciate the weekends even more. But I get to travel on my days off! And I get to return to my other home, Arcata,CA, so that's lovely. I'll put up pictures soon. You can see all of the smoky mountains and pear orchards. Love love lovely