Friday, May 23, 2008


School's done with. I'm certified intelligent. And I got a sweet new compyer! Thanks dad. My senior thesis is done (somehow). I never thought I would finish it. The last three weeks or so has involved me mainlining caffeine and crying about how impossible this study is. My boss has been helping me out by looking over my drafts. She went to bat for me in talking to my advisor. So while I'm under this paper crunch I also had to present the study to some of the Natural Resource Ecology & Management department. This whole time I'm thinking my advisor considers me a moron. I was notified half an hour later he wants to fund my graduate school. Crazy. I would love to work with my advisor and Gail, but I just want some time off for a while.
I need to get out. So I'm hanging out In Arizona. Subshine, hiking, swimming pools, and mom's home cooking. Hell yea. I've missed road trips, ya know? Especially ones alone. I'm off to Oregon to start my new job in three weeks. Its a temp job, but its a research technician position for a project through Oregon State. I'm excited to learn a little more about dendrochronology,and hiking in Oreogn is always a good time. And I hear Ashland is amasing, So I can't wait. I get to see a bunch of friends who I love and have not seen for a very very long time.

Now if I can just over these finals week nightmares...

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